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Retraining Our Perceptions

Oh how dreadful! Quick, grab the felcos and get rid of this ugliness! Look at those hideous spent blooms. They need to be removed from the garden immediately. Really? Put those snippers down for a minute and let’s take a … Continue reading

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Be True To Yourself-A Rant

Sometimes while reading articles or posts about gardening there is a topic mentioned that makes me cringe. It gives me the shivers, upsets my stomach, turns up the heat on the blood boiling burner. Well, maybe that last one is … Continue reading

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OOTS-Three Awful Things (And Three Awesome Things)

We could go down a lot of different gravel paths with this title, let there be no doubt, but we have chosen this time to name and show things in threes that I have noticed as spring tries to emerge … Continue reading

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Made In America-Grown In America

It all started when our television provider, one that requires an appalling satellite thingey be installed outdoors to get reception, now moved out of the direct line of vision from the lazyboy in the addition thankfully, had some kind of … Continue reading

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The Challenge Of Winter Interest-Work Not Luck

It cannot just be left to luck. It just won’t work. It just won’t happen. The human must interfere, add some spice to the soup, make the effort. Wishing and blinking isn’t enough. Winter interest can be obtained, but it … Continue reading

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*I Can’t Art*

What a dreadful thing for a child, or adult, to believe about themselves, that they *can’t art*. This phrase is an old family chestnut, relating to what The Financier told his mother one day after school when he was young. … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Rant

Warning! If you came here looking for purty pic-tures of flowers, you had better move on. There is a bee in my bonnet, whatever that type of headgear is. I thought it was what the Brits call the hood of … Continue reading

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