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How To Plant Lily Seeds

The time for action has arrived. Not with intent, seedpods were allowed to form on the Formosa lilies, Lilium formosum while our attention was occupied elsewhere. Once discovered, it was decided to let nature take over and try to remember … Continue reading

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The Year Of Food

2012 will be the year, again, that the Fairegarden is devoting more gardening energy to the growing of food. A similar decision was made in 2008 when the veggie bed was created at the back property line. The photo above … Continue reading

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Update On Rose Seeds

The growing of roses from seed began in 2008, with a packet from Renee’s Garden of Rosa chinensis ‘Angel Wings’ planted in a pot of seed starting mix in the greenhouse/sunroom in early spring. Successful germination, planting out in the … Continue reading

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The Angry Red Orb

First thing every morning upon waking, we schlep into the kitchen to prepare coffee. Really, my eyes and brain cannot function until the caffeine hits the gullet. Standing over the sink, filling the one quart glass Pyrex container with water, looking through … Continue reading

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Wild Strawberries-Cultivated

This is a story worth telling, one with a happy ending. It begins with our love, lust, passion for strawberries. This is a crop that does very well in our area. Stands along the roadsides have tables set up filled … Continue reading

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Seedheads Of Promise

They are math, science and art all rolled into one, the seedheads that is. New England Aster, A. nova angliae is a perfect sphere, full of goodness and the potential to create hundreds more just like it. Clematis ‘Elsa Spath’ … Continue reading

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Foxgloves, Digitalis ssp. are among the favorite plants growing in the Fairegarden. It is not only the verticality they offer in a sea of sameness, but the flowers themselves, opening from the bottom of the stalk. Digitalis purpurea foliage It … Continue reading

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