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Using More of What Works

It has taken a lifetime of gardening for a certain truth to make itself evident. Up until the last couple of years, when gazing lovingly upon the garden but with a critical eye about what might be needed to make … Continue reading

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Nigella To The Rescue

The forecast said it would be raining for the next two days, so there would be no gardening, it was assumed. But a break in the clouds prompted an outdoor walkabout. A chance to traipse the pathways up and down … Continue reading

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Planting a Winter Container

The container plantings here at the Fairegarden are never satisfactory. The containers themselves, mostly colorful glazed pots and some hypertufa troughs are found to be more attractive than anything I can figure out to plant in them. For a round … Continue reading

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How To Plant Lily Seeds

The time for action has arrived. Not with intent, seedpods were allowed to form on the Formosa lilies, Lilium formosum while our attention was occupied elsewhere. Once discovered, it was decided to let nature take over and try to remember … Continue reading

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In Praise Of The Dogwood

If there would be only one tree allowed in my garden, it would be the native dogwood, Cornus florida. The set of seven trees, not all are visible in the above shot from April of 2008, on the steep slope … Continue reading

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Thugs Welcome Here

Yes, you read that right, thugs of the plant world are welcome here. Most of them, anyway. Crabgrass, the only plant I consider a true and utterly worthless weed, alone is excluded from the open trowel wielding arms. I was … Continue reading

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Shopping For Plants In Your Own Garden-Continued…

Inspiration, that most magical thing with feathers that starts the engine of project planning, comes when one is least expecting it. Reading and gazing at photos in print and online sometimes is the vehicle for the sweet bird of inspiration … Continue reading

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