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As It Should Be

There is less color everyday. The once pink muhly grass, Muhlenbergia capillaris is fading faire. Without their leaves, the trunks and branches of trees, like the native river birch, Betula nigra step to the forefront. Shades of grey…. ….And brown … Continue reading

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Persistent in the Face of Frost

As the cold season tightens its grip on the garden, loosening ever so slightly only to firm up its grasp even more, the final gasps of persistent plants are apparent. Agastache ‘Blue Fortune’ stands strong in the face of frost. For … Continue reading

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Halcyon Days

The last days in October are always the same here in Southeast Tennessee. Morning glory blue skies, gently angled sun rays, the last flowers scent the breeze, the sound of busy pollinators buzzing frantically amidst the open blooms make for … Continue reading

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A Symbiotic Relationship

I miss my garden whenever away from it for an extended period of more than a day or two. My garden misses me, as well. We exist in a mutualism type of symbiotic relationship, one in which both organisms benefit. … Continue reading

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Take A Picture…

Remember that childishly snide remark, “Take a picture, it will last longer”, uttered to some other kid who was looking or seemingly staring at you? Above: Paphiopedilum Honey ‘Newberry’ x Paph. primulinus ‘Lemon Glow’ True words, those. Above: Louisiana Iris … Continue reading

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Who Has Seen The Wind…*

The wind was ceaseless, blowing steadily with strong gusts for several days. The sound of it whooshing across the rippled ridges of the metal roof was disturbing, like we were out to sea on a raft without protection from the … Continue reading

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Foggy Morning Breakdown*

I live in the valley between the Cumberland and Smoky Mountains in Southeast Tennessee. It is a place of dreaminess…and music. A certain kind of music, of the earth and the people who revere these magnificent hills and ravines. Blood … Continue reading

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