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Getting Up Close for November Bloom Day

By the time November rolls around, the blooms are scant and often hiding behind dried foliage. Those brave souls that dare to flower are prized now, even more so when sweet skipper butterflies are spied feeding on them. The dark … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Gardens-Wildflower Wednesday

I am the gardener of two gardens. Just me, and I am not a big, strong, strapping specimen of super digging, weeding and pruning power. I am sort of small and weak and not what one would truthfully call young. … Continue reading

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Top Ten October Blooming Plants

Fall brings a fresh flush of flowers to the Fairegarden. On this October Bloom Day, the sharing of what is flowering around the fifteenth of each month that was invented by my friend Carol of May Dreams Gardens, it was … Continue reading

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An October Stroll

Even as I write this, it does not yet feel like October here in the Fairegarden, but the calendar states otherwise. Warm or cool, the yearly tableau of pumpkins on the little bench on the front porch is a favorite … Continue reading

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Flowery Free For All

October sees the garden in transition. Some parts of it seem sort of messy and out of control. Above: Pink muhly grass, Muhlenbergia capillaris is a fluffy pink cloud. I like the yellow maple leaf floating in the middle. There … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season-Bloom Day September 2013

‘Tis the season of the fall blooming Anemone hupehensis. Found at a farmer’s market in a small pot several years ago, labeled as A. ‘Prinz Heinrich’, it is now believed to not be that cultivar. But whatever the name, this … Continue reading

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What Looks Good Now-Early September 2013

Under the spreading Daphne odora, the Cyclamen hederifolium stands*. (With apologies to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the original poem can be seen at the end of this post.) The Fairegarden is awash in purple Perilla frutescens, a story about it can … Continue reading

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