In the first year of the Fairegarden blog, several posts were written about fairies, with stories and lore galore. We sort of overdid it, in fact, and haven’t written about the fairies specifically in some time. Perhaps that will be remedied this year, 2012. For your reading enjoyment, here are the fairy posts:

Fairy Gazebo 2008

Furniture Building 2008

Planting For Fairies 2008

Fairies-Part One 2008

Fairies-Part Two 2008

Fairies-Part Three 2008

Check That-A Fairy Preview 2008

Fairegarden’s Midsummer’s Night 2008

Beefing Up The Fairy Gazebo 2009

Magic 2010

How To Make A Fairy Broom When The Need Arises 2010

Foxgloves-Folk’s Gloves 2012

Fairy Village-The Creation 2012

Faire Stonehenge 2012

In Need of the Fairy Broom 2012

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  2. Emma says:

    Hey, I wasn’t sure how to send a message or email you so I thought a comment was the next best thing. Your photos are beautiful and I’m sure that the gardens are just that, however I was wondering… I’m currently studying a media course and I was wondering if I could use an image of yours as the front cover photo for a cover I have to design for my studies. I thought it would be better to ask, because I saw your copyright statement. And I was hoping if that would be okay with you?
    Thanks 🙂

    Hi Emma, yes, you may use a photo of mine if you give proper credit with a working link to the blog post it is featured in. Good luck with your project. Leaving a comment is the way to contact me.

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