Plants We Grow-Lilies


Buff Pixie-dwarf Asiatic
Crimson Pixie-dwarf Asiatic
Pink Pixie-dwarf Asiatic
Lollipop-dwarf Asiatic
Royal Fantasy-LA (longifolium-Asiatic) hybrid
Royal Sunset-LA hybrid
Swansea-LA hybrid
Kentucky-LA hybrid
Eyeliner-LA hybrid
Orange from mixture-LA hybrid
White with freckles from mixture-LA hybrid
Red/Yellow from mixture-LA hybrid
Pink/white from mixture-LA hybrid
Tango Crossover-Asiatic
Orange Valley-Asiatic
Lankon-Easter lily-L. lankongense
Mrs. R.O. Backhouse-Martagon
Conca D’or-Orienpet
Candy Club-Orienpet
First Crown-Oriental/Asiatic
Holland Beauty-Orienpet
Sweet Surrender-Asiatic
Regale-Chinese trumpet
Golden Splendor-Chinese trumpet
Lady Alice-Chinese trumpet
White henryi-species
African Queen-Chinese trumpet
Pink Perfection-Chinese trumpet, ordered not yet received
Black Beauty-species
Pumilum-species, planted but never showed, so far
Robert Swanson-Orienpet
Honeymoon-Orienpet, planted but never showed, still hoping though
Casa Blanca-Oriental
Salmon Star-Oriental
Pink-Oriental, no name, freebie
Non Red Chief-Oriental not as labeled
Non Chianti-Asiatic not as labeled, believed to be Rosella’s Dream
Cappucino-Tango Asiatic
Orange Electric-Asiatic, very poor performer so far
Red-Asiatic mix
Orange Asiatic mix
White Asiatic mix
Yellow Asiatic mix
Monte Negro-Asiatic
Tiger Babies-Asiatic
Orange Tiger-came with the property
Lycoris squamigera-Surprise lily-pink
Lycoris radiata-Surprise lily-red, has not yet bloomed
Rhodophiala bifida-Oxblood or Schoolhouse lily, has not yet bloomed

First Crown from B and D Lilies

Holland Beauty from B and D Lilies

Navarosse from B and D Lilies

Cream with freckles

From the Summer Breeze mixture from Van Engelen


From the Summer Breeze mixture from Van Engelen


From the Summer Breeze mixture from Van Engelen


From the Summer Breeze mixture from Van Engelen

June 1, 2013 old 003 (3)
Mrs. R.O. Backhouse from B and D Lilies

Buff Pixie from Semi

Red asiatic from mixed bag

Asiatic from Semi

LA hybrid ‘Royal Fantasy’ from Van Engelen

Tiger Babies from Brent And Becky’s

Cappuccino from Chickenpoet

Regale from Van Engelen

Lollipop from Semi

Monte Negro from Semi

Not Chianti as package was labeled from Walmart

Orange Asiatic from mixed bag

Red Orange Asiatic from mixed bag

Unknown short pink Oriental? from grocery, labeled as After Eight

Asiatic ‘Landini’ from Semi

Longiflorum Asiatic ‘Royal Sunset’ from Brent And Becky’s

Chinese Trumpet ‘Golden Splendor’ from Van Engelen

Orienpet ‘Satisfaction’ from Van Engelen

Chinese Trumpet ‘Pink Perfection’ from Brent And Becky’s

Chinese Trumpet ‘African Queen’ from Brent And Becky’s

Chinese Trumpet ‘Lady Alice’ Species L. henryi from Brent And Becky’s

Or is this the real Lady Alice? Can they both be our Lady? No, the first Lady Alice is really the species L. henryi, part of the order of five bulbs of Lady Alice from Brent And Becky’s.

Orange tiger, L. tigrinum, came with the property

Oriental ‘Stargazer’ from Lowe’s

Black Beauty from Van Engelen

Orienpet ‘Robert Swanson’ from Wayside

species White henryi, mislabeled as Lady Alice from Brent And Becky’s

Oriental ‘Casa Blanca’ from Wayside

Oriental ‘Salmon Star’ from Semi

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