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The fine and generous awards that have been given to Fairegarden have been given their own page to help keep them organized and to lessen the download time for the posts.

Honored to be a part of Horticulture’s Best Garden Blogs!



Garden Blog Of The Year

Blotanist Of The Year

Best Commenter

Best Tennessee Blog

Best US Blog

Best Eclectic Garden Blog

Best Photography Blog

What an incredible honor! Many thanks for the nominations and awards! Hugs, kisses and bouquets to you all! (A special thank you to Stuart for making it all possible!)

Thanks, Lyn!

The Bunnie’s Buffet-Thanks, Shrylene!

Thanks Ricki!
Thanks Healing Magic Hands!

Thanks Noelle! Thanks Deborah!
Thanks to Gardening Gone Wild for this high honor!


Tulips In The Woods
Thanks Pomona Belvedere for the Meme award!

Thanks Healing Magic Hands!



Thanks Daphne!

Winner Best New Blog 2008
Winner of Best US Blog and Blog of the Year on Blotanical 2008
Thanks to one and all for your kind and generous support. And a special thanks to Stuart!

1proxiProximidade Award

Thanks Dreamybee!Thanks Barbee!
Thanks Patsi!Thanks Balisha!Thanks Jane Marie and Karen Hall!Thanks Tuija R.!

Esther Montgomery Memorial AwardThanks Lucy!Thanks Ewa!Thanks Linda Lunda!Thanks Jodi!Thanks to all!