Worth The Wait

Finally the garden is coming to life after a not very harsh winter, so far. Hellebores are at the forefront, standing tall despite high winds and torrential rains.
Hens and chicks in a hypertufa pot remain steadfast through the cold and wet.
Miniature hostas are peeking through the marbles and stones in another hypertufa planter.
One lily, Royal Sunset, brought from the old house has become many! It’s a miracle what time does to a garden.
Fall planted violas gather strength and stamina over the cold months to shine when the weather begins to turn. Grape hyacinths are stalwarts, these were also brought from the old garden. I hope both last long enough to enhance the daffodil blooms coming soon.
Tommies, Crocus tommasinianus have multiplied well after being in the ground five years. They suffered casualties from munching chipmunks the first year, but have rebounded nicely.
Helleborus orientalis ‘Blue Lady’ and forty-five of her surrounding seedlings were potted and brought in the move from the old garden. A few were also dark, the rest were a mix of pinks. All are loved.
White hellebores with a carpet of Veronica ‘Georgia Blue’ would make one believe that spring is right around the corner.

It’s about time.


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