Plants We Grow-Deciduous Azaleas

Deciduous azaleas

  • Rhododenron pentanthera ‘Admiral Semmes’
  • R. ‘Arneson Gem’
  • R. ‘Primrose’
  • R. ‘Crimson Tide’
  • R. ‘White Throat’-2
  • R. ‘Strawberry Ice’-2
  • R. ‘Klondyke’-2
  • R. ‘Gibralter’
  • R. ‘Cannon’s Double’-3
  • R. ‘My Mary’
  • R. ‘Golden Lights’-4
  • R. ‘White Lights’
  • R. aromi ‘High Tide’-2
  • R. ‘Orchid Lights’
  • R. ‘Mandarin Lights’-2
  • R. ‘King Red’
  • R. ‘Summer Lyric’-late June
  • R. ‘Rennie’
  • R. aromi ‘Pink Carousel’
  • R. aromi’Sunstruck’
  • R. prunifolium-late June-2
  • R. alabamense
  • R. canescens
  • R. canescens ‘Camilla’s Blush
  • R. Mount Saint Helens-3
  • R. Northern Hi-Lights
  • R. calendulaceum
  • R. cumberlandense
  • No identification:
    Yellow on slope from Evergreen

R. cumberlandense
Northern Hi-Lights
My Mary
Admiral Semmes
aromi ‘High Tide’
Crimson Tide
Mt. Saint Helen’s
Rennie-might be Renne
Golden Lights
White Throat
Arneson Gem
Hillside-(no ID)
White Lights
Mandarin Lights
aromi ‘Pink Carousel’
aromi ‘Sunstruck’
Canescens-growing in sun
Canescens ‘Camilla’s Blush’
Cannon’s Double

april-30-2009-new-cam-025-2Alabamense-photo from 2009

May 8, 2009 057 (2)Strawberry Ice-photo from 2009

species R. Prunifolium

species R. Calendulaceum added April 2011, purchased UT Arboretum plant sale

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7 Responses to Plants We Grow-Deciduous Azaleas

  1. Brian says:

    Frances, what a pleasure to discover your beautiful world, amazing. Brian

  2. Ashley says:

    Truely great blog Frances – its nice to see such an effort into the photography too, everything looks brilliant. You’ve well deserved the awards for your hard work. All the best, Ashley

    Thanks so much, Ashley, I do appreciate your kind words.

  3. Efergus says:

    You run an excellent blog, me and my colleagues had a blast reading it. Not all of them are into ecology but… most are.

    So I was thinking, have you ever considered starting a website running WordPress? It’s really easy and pretty cheap too, all you have to do is purchase a domain and then host the website. The WordPress installation is performed with a click of a button (we actually have a tutorial series coming up, keep in check). and we could help you with anything else.

    My boss (I work for a webdesign and hosting company) said I could offer you a whole year of free hosting, as long as you’re willing to post a banner of ours and post once about switching to our service from Please let me know if you’re interested.

    Hi Efergus, thanks and welcome. I have thought about doing that, and own the domain name already, but am happy to let WordPress do the heavy lifting for me, not wanting to move to another level. Thanks for the offer, but I don’t do ads on the blog, ever. I do recommend companies, books, magazines, etc. that I think are worthwhile for no compensation. I also remove business links unless I want them there. I often mark comments like yours as spam, but will let this one go without the links. 🙂

  4. Efergus says:

    Thank you, Frances, we appreciate it and assure you that this also comes from a human 🙂 I have to emphasize that you can use WordPress as a Content Management Solution so it would be the same as writing here on your blog only you would have a lot more freedom in choosing themes and plugins to your liking.

    No links involved, I am now announcing our series of tutorials is online. One of them in particular covers this installation of WordPress.

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