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How To-Tea Bag Craft

Fall has fallen here at the Fairegarden. Gardening chores will wind down drastically once the final bulbs are planted and the leaves from the maples and dogwoods, among others that need to be dealt with are composted or spread on … Continue reading

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How To Grow A Butterfly Bush Standard

This post will explain how we go about turning the larger type of butterfly bush, Buddleia davidii, not the dwarf or smaller types that are now available, into a standard. By a standard I mean a woody shrub that normally … Continue reading

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Planting a Winter Container

The container plantings here at the Fairegarden are never satisfactory. The containers themselves, mostly colorful glazed pots and some hypertufa troughs are found to be more attractive than anything I can figure out to plant in them. For a round … Continue reading

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How To Plant Lily Seeds

The time for action has arrived. Not with intent, seedpods were allowed to form on the Formosa lilies, Lilium formosum while our attention was occupied elsewhere. Once discovered, it was decided to let nature take over and try to remember … Continue reading

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How To Make A Hypertufa Trough

These are detailed instructions on how to make a trough planter out of hypertufa mix. Hypertufa is a cement like material that is much lighter in weight than regular concrete, made using Portland Cement, perlite and peat moss. We have … Continue reading

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How To Conquer The Fear Of Pruning

Like many folks, my offspring suffer from a fear of pruning. I don’t know where they get it, either, but it’s not from me. (Click here for more about that.) Perhaps they are afraid of making a mistake, doing it … Continue reading

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How To Make A Lamb’s Ear Lamb

It was a post from my first year of blogging, showing some things that had been made with the abundant supply of Stachys byzantina, lambs ear, that has been grown in all of our gardens. Such a sweet plant with … Continue reading

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