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Winter Interest 2018

It was a frosty and foggy morning. The garden was particularly fetching in glittery sparkles. There was winter interest. Winter interest can be defined as anything that pleases the eye, be it colorful foliage, interesting shapes and textures or good … Continue reading

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2014 Calendar

January-Crocus ‘Pickwick’ and Yucca filamentosa ‘Colorguard’ February-Narcissus pseudonarcissus and Stipa tenuissima March-Iris reticulata ‘Harmony’ with creeping thymes and tulip foliage April-Peonia suffruticosa ‘Kamata Fuji’ May-Nigella damascena with Sedum acre and Festuca glauca June-Athyrium niponicum, violas, Lobularia maritima ‘Snow Princess’ and … Continue reading

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Hedging Along

This garden is sort of wild. Some might think it was out of control, and it has grown way beyond any plans on paper or the initial vision of what it should be. That is a good thing. But the … Continue reading

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Peak Pinkness

I think we are there. Peak pink perfection for the pink muhly grass, Muhlenbergia capillaris. This is how it really looks. Yes, it really is that pink. Full midday sun and breezy are not the usual conditions for optimum photos, … Continue reading

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An October Stroll

Even as I write this, it does not yet feel like October here in the Fairegarden, but the calendar states otherwise. Warm or cool, the yearly tableau of pumpkins on the little bench on the front porch is a favorite … Continue reading

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Flowery Free For All

October sees the garden in transition. Some parts of it seem sort of messy and out of control. Above: Pink muhly grass, Muhlenbergia capillaris is a fluffy pink cloud. I like the yellow maple leaf floating in the middle. There … Continue reading

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Rejoice in the Changes

The days are ever changing. As the calendar turns to the final four, the garden shows its continuing metamorphosis more vividly. The Japanese anemone, Anemone hupehensis is beginning to flower. Soon the grass seen the in background of the above … Continue reading

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