September Bloom Day

 This Bloom Day post, sponsored once again by Queen Carol of May Dreams Gardens marks our first such enterprise on the new wordpress blog.  We are still working out the kinks here and are offering an abbreviated version for your reading pleasure.  So sit back and drink in what’s looking good at the mo.  Above are  a couple of zinnias with a verbena bonariensis trying to get into the act.

We bought our first crocosmia last fall, the red C. ‘Lucifer’ and were smitten with the first fiery blooms this spring. Now whenever one of the crocs are spotted, they go right into the shopping basket. From our friendly Lowe’s comes C. ‘Emberglow’. But hey guys, why are your faces all turned away from the camera? Yes, your backsides are quite attractive but we want to see those smiling faces.

That’s more like it.

Using the night setting on the Canon gave us the view of Datura metel.

Sedum spectabile ‘Frosty Morn’ has gone from white edged leaves to solid green. I guess now it is just morn. Yellow goldenrod, Solidago rugosa ‘Fireworks’ is just now  lighting up.

Harbinger of fall, Anemone hupehensis ‘Praecox’ harbors irregular shaped petals of dark and light shades of puce.

Our favorite orchids, the paphiopedilums  *’Honey’ and * ‘Star Wars’ are still blooming on the shelving they call their summer getaway. Very soon they will return home to the greenhouse/sunroom. ( *Not their entire names, shortened here to protect the innocent fingers of the typist.)

A promise is made here and now to not cut this bud off before it has bloomed and browned.

Iresine looking towards the morning sun.

Trying to get a shot that captures the waves of pink as the many plantings of Muhlenbergia capillaris come into bloom will be a challenge. This is the very tip of the beginning of the flowering period. I hope that the magic is apparent.

One of the smaller sprawling but still charming sedums is in full bud in this concrete shell planter. If anyone can identify this it would be appreciated. Added: We believe this to be Sedum spectabile ‘October Daphne’. Thanks, Magic healing hands.

Gaillardia ‘Sundance Bicolor’ continues to bloom from spring into fall.

Rosa ‘About Face’ with white snakeroot, Ageratina altissima.

Not a bloom, I know but this fellow is so very cute with his trendy black toenails.  He is munching on our one parsley plant, and is welcome to it.  He will become a black tiger swallowtail and give us as much pleasure as the blooms shown on this page.





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34 Responses to September Bloom Day

  1. What a beautiful display for bloom day! I’m not sure about that ‘Frosty Morn’, mine lost its variagation, too, but I like the blooms so it stays. Thanks for joining in once again for bloom day. (I’m trying not to be envious of your “Crocs” as I don’t think they are hardy here, but now I’ll have to check and be sure!)

    Hi Carol, thanks for visiting on your busy day and welcome to the wordpress version of Fairegarden. I just discovered that the crocs grow here and am seeing them at nurseries in addition to the big box stores. Why have I not noticed these before? Why they are in bloom now in stores I don’t know, mine stopped blooming long ago. Maybe mine are lazy!

  2. Hi Frances!
    I think I remember the “accident” with your cut last time.
    Beautiful pictures on your garden blooms.
    here in Sweden it is not so much who is bloming.
    Your Muhlenbengia is asum, you can actally se the pink color.

    Hi Ken, thanks for remembering my butchering of the paph last time. Your garden is a gem and grattis once again for having the most beautiful garden in Sweden!!!!

    There is a long sweep of the muhly grass planted along the driveway that has stumped me on trying to capture it with the camera. I will keep trying because it is a pink wave when in full bloom and backlit by the sun. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Gail says:

    Frances, Happy Monday, are you enjoying our beautiful fall like weather? The blooms in your garden look wonderful. The trendy toe-nailed gent is a perfect host for the tour. My favorite photo is Frosty Morning with Fireworks, do I see a bit of a red grass peaking up, too. Oh to have enough sun for the Pinky Muhly, it’s lovely Frances. thank you for a great visit, now I’m off to walk wish you could come with me.

    Hi Gail, thanks. I would love to join you for a walk too and am just about to have a bit of a walk around the garden on this cool fall like morning. As for the red grass, it might appear in every single shot of my garden if I ever get it spread to my liking. It goes with everything!

  4. tina says:

    Your Lucifer looks great. Mine is reblooming a wee bit too. I love your shed garden with all that muhly! I need to get some I think.

    Hi Tina, thanks. Don’t be fooled, that is a newly purchased plant of Emberglow. How it is blooming right now, I don’t know. My Lucifer quit blooming long ago. Maybe I should not have let it set seed, but I wanted babies. The seedheads have opened and the seeds have been scattered. Hope that works. You really need some muhly, now is the time it is offered since it is in bloom. I bought my first plant at Lowe’s several years ago at this time and the rest have come from that one. There have been losses from trying to move it at the wrong time, late winter is the best time to divide it but it has seeded a bit, a tiny bit.

  5. Bloom day has snuck up on me. I bet I can get it done before I turn into a pumpkin at midnight.

    Your smaller sedum looks a lot in formm, growth habit and leaf color like my Sedum lidakense(sp?). The difference is, even in bud, the flower color on mine is a rosy red.

    Hi Christopher, thanks so much for the ID. The flower color on the sedum is indeed a rosy red so that must be it. It even rings a bell in this foggy memory. I probably have it written down somewhere but it was purchased the first year before the house was even remodeled so is buried in garden journals written before I got more organized with them.

    I do bet you can beat the striking of midnight, with all the wildflowers you have to work with.

    Congrats on those nominations, too! You have my vote!

    And thanks for sticking up for me on GR, too, I feel very inferior there, no respect!


  6. Racquel says:

    Hi Frances! Your blooms look fantastic for GBBD! I love the pink plumes on your Muhlenbergia capillaris. Sorry I can’t identify that sedum for you, but the foliage is a wonderful smoky green color that is nice in the garden. The Anemones are wonderful, I really need to add some of those to extend my fall season. Great post today. I’m using my real name now.


    Hi Racquel, thanks. I have changed your link to reflect your real name, which is very beautiful BTW. Christopher C. helped me out with the sedum, I’m sure that is it, S. cauticola ‘Lidakense’. The muhly grass is a blue green color that makes it easier to distinguish from the weed grasses when not in flower too, all around great plant. I have seen several types of the fall anemones for sale recently, I might add the white. They bloom at the perfect time, too.

  7. Cameron says:

    Oh so beautiful! I just don’t know which photo/bloom to comment on first! How about…all are drop dead gorgeous! And yes, I find the BST cats to be so cute, too. Cameron

    Hi Cameron, thanks so much, you are very kind. How can you not love that catt face? LOL

  8. Dave says:

    Very nice! That unknown sedum looks very similar to an unknown we have that I suspect is Sedum seiboldi of some kind. I have no clue what the variety might be or if there even is one. I like the foliage it had so we bought it! The crocosmias look great!

    Hi Dave, thanks. Christopher C. identified the sedum as S. caulicola ‘Lidakense’. I think I do remember seening a photo of yours in a post. Once he told me the name, I remembered it was a german sounding word. It is a beauty.


  9. linda says:

    Good morning Frances! Your September blooms are gorgeous. I love the crocosmia – probably too shady to grow it here though.

    Hi Linda, thanks. I do think it likes sun, mine is in the sunniest spot I have.

  10. Monica says:

    Aren’t anemone the cutest? And I love your back-lit Iresine. And, yes, the swallowtail caterpillar is quite jaunty! 🙂
    ~ Monica

    Hi Monica, thanks for answering my blatant plea to come visit. I should be ashamed, but wanted you in my blogroll and am stubbornly only putting visitors to the new blog address in to keep it manageable and not leave anyone out! Every year at this time I want more of the anemones. I saw white ones somewhere recently. I did plant a couple of other types two years ago but they died for some reason. Must try again. I love the word jaunty to describe Mr. C.

  11. walk2write says:

    “Crocs in the shopping basket.” I love that image! And of course, all of your other beautiful images. Here we would probably say “Gators in the buggy.” ;>}

    Hi Walk2write, HA. Better look out, or we had, this coming weekend is the BIG GAME between our two states. LOL I don’t really follow it much but it is hard to miss on the local media.

  12. ourfriendben says:

    Know what you mean about the names of those paphs, Frances! My ex, an orchid judge and paph fanatic, once named a paph after me, ‘Dragon Bronze Elly’. Now, if only I had a piece of it… Beautiful September show, by the way!

    Wow OFB, that is impressive! I must search for that one, and if I find it you will get a piece. Wish me luck! And thanks for the kind words.

  13. Siria says:

    Oh Frances….your garden is spectacular! These photographs are just gorgeous. The lighting is so bright and clear. Thank you for sharing.

    Hi Siria, thanks. No posting from you yet? ;-> It is ALL about the lighting with the photos.

  14. LindaLunda says:

    Werry werry werry nice! Like fire with all the sparkling coulors!

    Hi Linda, thanks so much. Glad you enjoyed the bright colors, that is what fall should bring to mind!

  15. hayefield says:

    Wowee, Frances – those rich colors are amazing! And the way you captured the light with the iresine and the muhlenbergia is fantastic. But I think my favorite shot of all is the caterpillar; he looks rather walrus-like from this angle.

    Hi Nan, thanks. I love the shot of the caterpillar on his hind many legs too, he has lots of personality and attitude, don’t you think? ;->


  16. Skeeter says:

    I can sum this one up in one word….
    BEAUTIFUL…. The pictures are wonderful and so colorful.

    Hi Skeeter, thanks. Glad you enjoyed the show.

  17. joey says:

    Lots of vibrant color here, Frances. Love the orchids!

    Hi joey, thanks, glad you enjoyed the color and the dear orchids.

  18. rusty says:

    HI Frances, your new place is great and your September blooms as well, I specially like that little fellow eating your parsley.

    Hi Rusty, thanks and welcome. I am so glad you came to visit me here.

  19. Hi Frances. First time here, and glad I came. Your sedum looks to be Sedum sieboldii, I have one just like it and the cultivar is called October Daphne.

    I love your caterpillar, we have some very similar to it but not exactly like it that are eating our parsley and they will become woodland swallowtails. My butterfly weed is being consumed by monarch caterpillars, and I can hardly wait for them to beoome chrysilis and then butterflies.

    Hi HMH, thanks so much form coming and welcome. I will have to check out that sedum, another has identified it as S. caulicola ‘Lidakense’. It will be fun to look for differences in the two and see if mine matches up. We have many of the black swallowtails and do love them. We have eastern swallowtails too, and many others, but I have only seen one monarch. We grow several types of milkweed to entice them here and in the past have seen more than one. Maybe they will stop by later in the season. Your garden bloom day post was gorgeous!


  20. I love that Datura! That shot came out perfectly too. I’m sure there will be no more premature cutting of bloom stalks, so I can’t wait to see that flower this time. The Muhly grass is so pretty already, I can’t imagine how great it looks in full bloom. I will be expecting to see a photo of it soon.

    Hi MMD, thanks. I am watching the seed pods and will save you some of the datura seeds. Only for planting, though. ;-> The muhly is very difficult to photograph well, but there will be many shots taken as it comes into full flower. The good thing is that is lasts for several weeks before browning up, so sure the light will be right one day while I am out and about in the garden. And there will be no cutting of orchid stems with no coffee first, either.

  21. Patsi says:

    I have to admit you have one of the most beautiful blogs I’ve come across. Your photography is outstanding and your writing is so enjoyable.
    I would love to be able to link to each other, although you have so many blog links…one more might be too much. I read the blogs I list and yours without question would be a fun addition.


    Hi Patsi, ask and ye shall receive! ;-> A link to your blog has been added to my blogroll. There is always room for more. Thank you for the high praise, much appreciated.

  22. Rose says:

    Such beautiful blooms, especially in the sunshine:) I can’t pick a favorite, but thanks for showing the verbena bono.–that’s the “mystery plant” I think you identified for me a couple weeks ago. And I’ve seen the pink Muhly grass only in catalogs, so I’m happy to see it in a real garden.
    Whether it’s your new blog format or something else, your photos are even sharper and more vivid than before.

    Hi Rose, thanks so much. Hope you are better and things are up and running again for you. It is hard when stuff is out of whack. We like in whack much better. Some plants crop up in nearly any photo of the garden here, and verbena bon. is one of them. It is prolific in its seed casting and we allow most of them to stay and grow, for one season anyway. I am liking the new wordpress theme, it was not my first choice, but that all black one did not show the sidebar on individual posts, not acceptable. I like to change the header photo, it is too easy. The font size and spacing is a pain but worth it. Glad you like it.

  23. Frances, did you change address? A new camera? Your blog looks fantastic as does your garden. Such vibrant colors! The caterpillar is adorable.

    Hi Sarah, thanks and welcome. I did indeed change address, from blogger to wordpress. Blotanical was and is having problem with certain feeds on blogger and I looked into wordpress and liked what I saw. It has been a learning experience and there is still much for me to improve and learn. But there are also features like the comment answering in the same box that I love. It is so much easier to answer all comments, not by individual post, in one place. I’m glad you like the new look. The font is something I add by inserting html code to each caption for spacing. It is more time consuming but so much easier to read. The camera and garden and gardener are still the same. ;->

  24. Kim says:

    Your lovely blog never fails to provide wonderful visual delights, and today was no exception!

    Hi Kim, thanks so much and welcome. So glad you enjoyed it and thanks for stopping by so I could be led to your amazing blog!

  25. ricki says:

    I have been using wordpress all along, but you have inspired me to explore the possibilities for making it better. This looks really great…and the caterpillar as a sign-off is a touch of brilliance!

    Hi Ricki, thanks and welcome. There are lots of fun features to figure out here, and I know very little about tech stuff, but the forums help with showing you how to do things. Try it! You’ll like it! ;->

  26. Pam/Digging says:

    Wow, I love that Datura metal! And all those hot oranges paired with burgundy foliage–exciting! Frances, your pics are really nice too.

    Hi Pam, thanks. Would you like some seeds?

  27. Dear Frances! Your garden blog and garden is one one of most beautiful things I have ever seen and I have seen a lot 🙂 Im trying to build up a garden from scratch in a place where there have never been a proper garden before but its not that easy. Its a huge place that would need a full time job. Hopefully I will one day come close to what you have created. My blog is in Swedish but I will soon start to write bits and pieces in English so that even people who doesnt understand Swedish can read about the garden. Best regards Isabelle

    Hi Isabelle, thanks so much and welcome. I look forward to reading about your efforts toward making the garden of your dreams. That is something we all are doing, a little at a time. Your roses are beautiful. Your English seems very good too.

  28. What a fabulous explosion of colour in the first few pictures.
    Lovely shots for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

    Hi Karen, thanks. It’s hard to beat zinnias for color and I am in love with the brilliance of the crocosmias. I’m on the lookout for more! ;->

  29. Phillip says:

    What a colorful post! Those anemomes are beautiful, I love that color.

    Hi Phillip, thanks and welcome over here to the new place. Those are wonderful anemones, the colors of most of them seem very similar even though the names are different. They add interest to the fall garden for sure.

  30. What a lovely, dramatic bloom day you have here, Frances! The plants are all wonderful but so is the caterpillar… what an excellent photo! You can almost imagine him trading the parsley leaf for a hookah and like Alice in Wonderland’s caterpillar, asking each visitor, “Who are YOU?”

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

    Hi Annie, thanks. That is exactly what he looks like! Wish I had seen that before, it would have been part of the story!

  31. Frances,
    Your photos are so beautiful. I have a lot to learn along those lines. Since I have roses for such a very short season I love the photo of About Face with the snakeroot. My bloom day post is up at and I am watching your new wordpress project carefully. You may inspire in more ways than one.

    Hi Pat, thanks and welcome. I love your roses and dahlias, especially Funny Face. I am strictly trial and error here at wordpress, but learn lots from the forums and FAQ, like how to change the fonts.
    Keep watching for other new developements. ;->

  32. Pam/Digging says:

    Wow, I love that Datura metal! Pam
    Hi Pam, thanks. Would you like some seeds?

    I’d love a piece of Faire Garden for my new place. Thanks, Frances.

    Hi Pam, the seeds are drying now and will be sent shortly.

  33. Shirl says:

    Great selection of blooms, Frances 🙂

    You have wonderful colours in your garden at the moment a few of my favouritre plants too!

    Wishing you success with your new wordpress blog 😀

    Although on the late side, once again, my post is up now too if you want to hear about it 😀

    Hi Shirl, thanks and welcome. I surely will pop over and look at your beautiful blog to see what you have going on.

  34. Lovely photos, Frances – the Zinnia/Verbena combinations is great, and the lighting in the photos is lovely – especially the Anemone.


    Hi Happy, thanks so much and welcome. Your photos are quite lovely too. ;->

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