From Me To You*

If there’s anything that you want,

If there’s anything I can do,

Just call on me

And I’ll send it along

With love

From me

To you


*”From Me to You” is a song written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney and released by The Beatles as a single in 1963. I still have the 45.

Two selections are offered for your viewing pleasure, the first from Miami, 1964. The second is from Washington, DC, 1964. It was called Beatlemania, when those four mophairs crossed the pond to sing for the kids in the United States. Watching even now, goosebumps rise on the skin and the heart palpitates. Powerful memories, those.

If you were alive in 1964, and of a certain age, young teen, and female, then you understand the star wattage of this particular group of singers/musicians. Personally, I did not get to see this group perform live, but I did watch their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show, February 9, 1964, with my nose touching the television screen and hyperventilating the entire time. My parents thought I had gone over the edge. They were right. Immediately after the performance, I went into the bathroom and cut my hair and bangs to emulate the look.

This photo was taken by my girlfriend, Sue, outside during lunch recess when I was in eighth grade, the day after the Ed Sullivan Show, as proof of my impulsive gesture. My friends were shocked. These were the days of sky high bouffant hairdos held in place with lots of Aquanet. She used my little instamatic camera that I snuck out of the house in my purse to snap the photo. True story. People, you can’t make this sort of stuff up.

I hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

The hearts featured were all made over several years, with the lambs ear being the most recent, circa 2003 for daughter Semi’s wedding. More about crafts made from lambs ear love can be found here, the former number one most visited post on Fairegarden, recently supplanted by a story about hypertufa balls.

PS. Hey Rose, how about that Ringo, eh?


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20 Responses to From Me To You*

  1. A lovely post and love the photo of you!!! Happy Valentine’s Day to you Frances!

    Thanks Christine, you are too kind. I was looking at that photo on this post, wondering how I can be wearing a short sleeve dress in February when the memory came into sharper focus. Sue said to take off my coat, it would look better, and this was a sunny courtyard surrounded by brick buildings on three sides, blocked from the wind. May you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day too!

  2. Carol says:

    Frances, you were quite something in 1964 when you cut your hair. Who knew you’d be quite something now? Happy Valentine’s Day week.

    HA, thanks Carol. Impulsiveness is a personality trait that does not diminish with the wisdom of age, maybe just a little bit. Happy Valentine’s week to you, too.

  3. I was 10 and living in DC. I didn’t understand the phenomenon or the music until probably Sgt. Peppers. I still love those guys and we all had our favorite – mine was John. Thanks for the travel back!

    Hi Zen, thanks for visiting, so nice to see you here! We did indeed all have our favorites. Most of my friends loved Paul the best, so I kind of chose Ringo because no one else loved him. I even sent him a ring in the mail. The envelope was kind of bumpy, but I don’t think they were using the big machines to process stuff back then at the post office. I wonder if he got it? HA My reference to Rose, another garden blogger who I met at the Fling in Chicago in 2009, is because we instantly bonded when we discovered that we both loved Ringo best, back in the day!

  4. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    I remember those Beatlemania days. Cute photo and story. Happy Valentines day to you. Love your collection of hearts.

    Hi Lisa, thanks. May your Valentine’s Day be as sweet as you are!

  5. Gail says:

    Frances, Thank you for the sweet memories and the warm wishes. Sending love back at you. Love the hearts! Your collection is delightful; especially the lamb’s ear. xoxogail

    Thanks Gail. I hope you have a sweet and romantic Valentine’s Day!

  6. Valerie says:

    You have brought back great memories. Ringo was my favourite. I remember watching them on Ed Sullivan too. My parents giggled when I screamed. They thought I had completely lost it. I did see them on stage but from where I sat they were the size of beetles. Great memories and wonderful do. V

    Thanks for stopping by and joining in, Valerie. Oh that Ringo! HA I can imagine seeing them live in a large venue would be so exciting, even if you couldn’t see them very well. They probably didn’t have those jumbotron tv screens all over like they do now.

  7. Loved the Beatles..I was 7 when I first saw them on Ed Sullivan and I was screaming along with all females…they left an indelible mark on all of us…what a great share…thx

    Thanks Donna. Even the young’uns were affected, it seems!

  8. Barbara H. says:

    Thanks for all the heart love! They are quite something. As were you, Frances. I’m very impressed with your hair cutting skills. Happy Valentine’s Day.

    Thanks Barbara. Impulsive and always a tightwad, even back then. Why pay to have someone cut your hair when you own a pair of scissors! HA

  9. michaele says:

    What a fun trip down memory lane…I was a sophomore in HS when the Beatles hit our shores and quite the tsunami they proved to be! My best friend and I divvied them up. I got Paul and Ringo and felt such silly glee about that. We did get to go to a concert (spent the night in a line to get the tickets…can’t believe our parents let us do that). Of course, they were just tiny, far away pinpricks at the concert but it was thrilling nevertheless.
    Your fan haircut is adorable!
    Love all the heart shapes. What is the plant that looks like a succulent (6th down)?

    Woweekazowee, Micheale! That is some trip down memory lane, even the spending the night in a line for tickets part. Paul AND Ringo, lucky girl, although John and George may have been the better half, in retrospect. HA The plant you are asking about is a very close up shot of some lichen growing amongst some moss in one of the hypertufa troughs. I laugh about the haircutting now, how some things never change.

  10. Dee says:

    My mom also saw that show and the one of Elvis. She has vivid memories of both. I think your hair is cute, and I love the hearts. It was nice to hear Sir Paul on the Grammys last night wasn’t it?~~Dee

    Thanks Dee. I remember seeing Elvis on the Ed Sullivan show, too, but I was just a little kid then. I missed the Grammy’s, watched Once Upon A Time. I always figure I can read and see the high spots the next day about the awards type shows.

  11. Wow, you’re much handier with a pair of scissors than I am! Nice job! There are NO photos of the time I tried to cut my own hair as a kid! 😛

    HA CV, it was a total blunt cut, zip straight across. I had learned over the years not to try and make the bangs straight, they will end up cut up to the hairline! Thanks for the support!

  12. Pretty bold to go and cut your bangs! Good for you, what a rebel. I remember the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, I guess if you looked at a pic of me then you would think I was emulating the ‘bob’…..think mine was more the Dutch boy cut….I was 8, no bouffants for me.

    Thanks Janet. I have always attacked my hair with scissors and still do. Why pay someone for something you never end up liking? Funny how those few years of age difference are so crucial at that stage of life. Now we are probably nearly the same.

  13. Carolyn says:

    Now that was a fun post! We must be the same age… oh the memories. My haircut was just about the same. Looks much better on you!

    Thanks Carolyn. Sweet memories of innocent youth. The next year that was the standard hairdo, the bangs and parted in the middle. I was ahead of my time! HA

  14. Julie says:

    I was singing (badly) Yellow Submarine to our kiddos, who thought I was crazy (rightfully so.) I told them it was from the Beatles, and when they looked at me blankly–I realized they are culturally illiterate! I have shirked my duties as a mother. How could I not have introduced them to the Beatles sooner??? After many hours and a fun dance party in the living room, they are now well acquainted with the Beatles.

    What a trendsetter you must have been in your school with your haircut! Love the photo!

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

    Happy Valentine’s, Julie! Well, it is a good thing you educated those kids about the Beatles, and other types of music as well, I hope. That is crucial in their upbringing! HA As Crosby, Stills and Nash sang, teach your children well.

  15. Jeannine says:

    I remember watching that Ed Sullivan show, too! It is one of those memories forever embedded I my brain! Nice choice!

    Thanks Jeannine. While much has passed as water under the bridge, the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show for the first time is a still fresh as the night it happened memory. Thank goodness!

  16. commonweeder says:

    I remember those Ed sullivan shows so well – I like the Beatles more than Elvis – but both certainly woke a lot of us up. I never altered my hair style for either one. A brilliant homage.

    It must have been an age thing, Pat. I was too young to really be gaga for Elvis, but perfect to scream for the Beatles. Why the screaming? I have no idea. But girls screamed for Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra before Elvis, so, who knows?

  17. I remember all of the same things, think I actually had this haircut. I had very curley hair so I was always trying to get it straight.


    Oh Eileen, it was the next couple of years that I began ironing my hair, with a real clothing type iron! Always put a towel over my hair, set the iron down then pull away to not damage my hair, too much. These girls today have it so easy with blow dryers and those straightening tools, don’t they? HA

  18. jillo says:

    I saw the Ed Sullivan show too, as a 2nd grader, and remember wondering why all those girls were screaming – they screamed so loud you couldn’t even hear the music. I guess I was a reasonable child. My friends at school would write Paul over and over again in their notebooks. I always loved their music, but never got ga-ga over them.

    Hi Jill, I believe it is an age thing. Being 14 has some sort of hormonal imbalance, cause excessive screaming! HA I went to an Elvis movie as a young child and could not hear one word of the dialog because the girls were all screaming the whole time. I didn’t get it. Now, I understand. An age thing.

  19. Sue Ellen says:

    Loved your post! I didn’t read it I sang it. Great memories!

    Thanks for singing along, Sue Ellen. I have been singing that song for days now, too. It makes me happy.

  20. Rose says:

    I’m a little late to the Valentine’s party, Frances, but I’m so glad I didn’t miss this! Ah, yes, the memories. Speaking of the Ed Sullivan shows, my parents signed up the whole family to go to a Bible Study on one particular Sunday night. But I pleaded too much homework, so I could stay home and watch the Beatles. I hope God forgave me that little white lie:)

    Ringo may have been my first “love,” but I’ve got to say Sir Paul is looking better and better. He was awesome Sunday night on the Grammys. Love that hairdo!

    HiRose, I am glad you stopped by! You were sort of telling the truth about that night long ago, watching the Ed Sullivan Show was indeed *homework* of the best and most important kind! As for Sir Paul, take a sad song and make it better, better better …..oh!

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