What Looks Good Now-Early March 2012

When I am lazy, or busy or empty of clever words and ideas for the blog, there is the category of *What looks good now* to fall back upon. Above: Narcissus ‘Pink Pride’.

The recently captured images are sorted, not to tell a story but just by prettiness. Above: Viola ‘Raspberry’.

Sometimes that is enough. Above: Newly renovated metal window box hayrack on the shed with purple and green pak choi and two kinds of violas.

Some long shot photos are always taken to help me remember what is blooming when and how it relates to other things. Above: The long view across the top of the daylily hill and the left slope.

Some photos are snapped strictly as a date recording maneuver. Above: The knot garden quadrant edging of Iris reticulata ‘Harmony’, tulip foliage emerging nicely.

Some photos are kept to help us remember the bulbs that disappear later in the gardening year. Above: Yucca gloriosa ‘Variegata’ and Crocus ‘Pickwick’.

Some just make me smile. Above: Emerging bronze fennel, Foeniculum vulgare ‘Purpureum’ in the gravel garden.

Some are full of fragrance and fun in trying different points of view. Above: In the raised box planter, wallflowers, Erysimum ssp. red and yellow, don’t know the cultivar name.

If only pictures could let you sniff deeply, you could understand the wonders of the wallflower blooms.

But don’t sniff anything that is humming! Above: Welcome visitor to the grape hyacinths that have colonized the property, probably Muscari armeniacum?.

It is nice to see that we are not the only ones enjoying a fine and unnaturally warm spring day outside. Above: Downy woodpecker.

It is all good. Above: Red bellied male woodpecker.


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14 Responses to What Looks Good Now-Early March 2012

  1. The garden is looking good. There is something special about March for sure.

    Hi Green Bench, thanks so much. The garden at this time of year is joyous.

  2. Beautiful spring photos Frances! We are getting there with early daffodils ready to open.


    Hi Eileen, thanks. I am so glad to hear about your daffodils. There is nothing more cheering than those yellow trumpets after winter.

  3. Hi Frances – great tips on keeping track of blooms in the garden. Ones I will use this year as new things are popping out of the ground all the time. This is our first spring in this new garden and to my delight I discovered snowdrops and some crocuses blooming in unexpected places. I’ll photograph them so I have a better record – once the hostas come up, they will be covered and I will forget.

    Hi Heather, thanks. What a wonderful surprise for you at the new place! Who knows what else might be lurking in the gardens there? Someone was smart in their plantings, allowing the fading foliage of spring bulbs to be hidden by hosta leaves.

  4. Good morning Frances I love checking in with your blog everyday. Your garden is always ahead of mine about two weeks. Your pictures this morning are extremely exciting because I know whats coming in my own garden shortly. I went out yesterday looking things over in the garden and could not believe, when I saw all my rosemary plants still alive and looking good. The winter here was that mild that they all returned. As you can guess that made my day. Love your spring pictures they warm the heart. Thank you

    Good morning, Sandy, thanks so much. I have been posting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for several years now. That is the schedule that works best for me. Hooray for your rosemary! When I saw that it also returned reliably here, with proper siting, it was used in many more ways in the garden. Clipped, it can make a very fragrant low hedge. Happy Spring! I added your url to your comment sign in. You need to remember to do that!

  5. Julie says:

    Ah, Frances…I’m trying so hard this year to keep a record of what is blooming where and when! You’ve reminded me that I need to get out of the greenhouse for a bit and take a photo tour of the gardens today. Love your woodpecker images, and the planting of violas with pak choi–lovely! Violas are just the most cheerful wintertime bloom, I think. Have a lovely day in the garden!

    Hi Julie, thanks. It is very hard to keep records, even taking photos, here, because I am notorious about moving things! I keep a hand written, on paper, journal, too, and sometimes forget to write down where stuff was moved to. The garden is always a surprise! Have a wonderful day in your garden. Violas are the best.

  6. Gail says:

    My dear, Truer words could not have been spoken. “It is all good” and lovely. The Erysimum ssp. is a wonderful color~I noticed buds on mine. I am so glad they survived the wet winter. The warm weather this week shall hasten spring and even more delightful blooms to your garden. See you soon. xoxoxogail

    Good morning Gail. I can’t wait for you to see, and smell! everything, especially the wallflowers. This warm weather is so enjoyable, I hope the garden survives for your visit.

  7. Indeed, it IS all good, Frances. I’m so glad to see these things blooming in your garden now. That means it won’t be long for us up here in the north! Love the pak choi with the violas!

    Hi Kylee, thanks. There is lots blooming here now, some of it about two weeks early, even. Maybe your spring will arrive earlier than usual too.

  8. michaele says:

    Everything looks wonderful…blooms and birds! So much vibrant color …the strong orange and yellow of the wallflower gives off a mid summer vibe since that is more when that color combo seems common. I’m not real familiar with wallflowers but based on your great pictures and your description of the fragrance, it seems I should be. Any tricks to cultivating them?
    Also, since I’m in question mode…are some of your hellebores in full sun on your daylily bank?

    Hi Micheale, thanks. I love questions! The wallflowers are wonderful, the fragrance is strong in them. I saw some at Home Depot in Knoxville just this weekend in yellow, orange and purple. Should have gotten the purples! I did a plant portrait post about them, Winter Plant Portrait Wallflowers-Erysimum. Yes, most all of the hellebores here are in full sun and do better than the ones in the little shade we have.

  9. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    You bet it is all good. Those pansies look great wtih the bok choy. What a preety combo. We had our first red tulip yesterday. Yay…. A nice rain last night. Yes, it feels like spring here too.

    Hi Lisa, thanks. Hooray for your tulip, and the nice rain. So much better than mean rain, and we have had some of that around here in recent weeks.

  10. Love your violas…I am growing violas from seed and can’t wait to see them bloom in about a month…

    Hi Donna, thanks. Hooray for your violas! I have some volunteers opening now. I do love to see what color combinations turn up. It is quite early for them, usually most open in May.

  11. How sweet to see Yucca and Crocuses planted together! That’s a beautiful combination. Everything is looking healthy and vibrant in your garden!

    Hi Plant Postings, thanks. I sort of forgot that the crocus were in there when the Yucca was planted. Quite a dichotomy, eh? The adequate rainfall has been a blessing to the garden. I hope it continues.

  12. spurge says:

    So wonderful to see all the beautiful blooms (and birds) in your garden! I really like the color on those daffodils – so unusual. The long shot of your garden with all the bulbs dotted around makes me smile.

    Hi Spurge, thanks. The later daffodils are fun, but those earliest yellow ones are still my heart’s delight. The long shot is what I see from the paths. I do love this time of year.

  13. I’ve never seen a red and yellow Erysimum, it’s gorgeous! I grow a native variety here, but it’s plain yellow. I have to ask, how do you like your suet feeder pictured at the end of the post? I’ve been looking at the similar bird house (the acorn style with the post). I like the look, and figure it should be quite durable in the garden, and blend in quite well with all of our oaks, but I haven’t yet taken the plunge!

    Hi CV, thanks. I had not seen that color before either. There are seedlings underneath, I hope they are also blotched like that. As for the feeder, the acorns, gifts from my sister in law made by a craftsman in PA, I adore them! The woodpeckers and other birds like to hang on the wires, and the squirrels get nothing! I love the way they look, too. They hang outside all year and the older one has been out for at least 7-8 years with just a tiny bit of color fading. Highly recommended! I think they sell them at Kinsman, too.

  14. Very beautiful blooms and birds, Frances. Spring has really sprung in your garden, plentiful and colorful.

    Hi Donna, thanks. Spring is here, for sure. It almost seems like summer with highs near 80!

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