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Peak Pinkness

I think we are there. Peak pink perfection for the pink muhly grass, Muhlenbergia capillaris. This is how it really looks. Yes, it really is that pink. Full midday sun and breezy are not the usual conditions for optimum photos, … Continue reading

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The Stars of the Moment-End of September 2013

The garden is on the cusp of turning to all fall all the time. Certain plants are leading the way. A quick perusal with camera in hand showed these few plant picks to be worthy choices to help enliven a … Continue reading

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Pink Muhly Grass-Muhlenbergia Capillaris

The Gulf coast native grass, Muhlenbergia capillaris is the official harbinger of fall in the Fairegarden. It is the chosen plant to represent Wildflower Wednesday for September, 2013, the meme of my good friend Gail of Clay and Limestone. Its … Continue reading

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Mountain Mint

We were seeking a native perennial for the Lawn/Meadow that was about three feet tall and a robust grower. It had to be able to live and thrive amongst the tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass that was originally the only … Continue reading

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Daylilies At Peak

More daylilies were not needed, that was a certainty. This year has been different concerning the daylilies, Hemerocallis ssp., though. There has been regular and abundant rainfall, for one and more importantly, the yearly family beach vacation that usually involves … Continue reading

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How To Grow A Butterfly Bush Standard

This post will explain how we go about turning the larger type of butterfly bush, Buddleia davidii, not the dwarf or smaller types that are now available, into a standard. By a standard I mean a woody shrub that normally … Continue reading

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It was long ago that the Baptisia ssp. joined the Fairegarden, around 1992. (All of my gardens are named Fairegarden.) It was two moves ago, in our first Tennessee home in the far northeast corner of the state. Gardening had … Continue reading

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